Case Studies: Clients Find Success when Investing Becomes a Family Affair

By Heather Taylor0 Comments

Self-directed investors seeking additional funds to complete deals might not be aware that they can look no further than their own family. As some of our clients have demonstrated, IRA funds can be combined with other people’s (including family members’) IRA funds to make investments. Here are a few examples of self-directed investing as a family affair:

Wayne and Alicia C. of New Orleans pooled their funds together to rebuild a house damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

Jan, Gary and their daughter Brittany (pictured), of St. Louis, combine their IRAs to invest in real estate. In addition, Brittany is getting a head-start on saving for retirement while gaining essential personal financial skills at a young age.

Aisha didn’t partner with anyone for her real estate option investment, but it did inspire her 10-year-old son to complete a deal with his own savings account.

Want to find out how you can get your family members involved in self-directed investing? Schedule a free one-on-one consultation for more information on your account options.

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