List Reveals Most Desirable Colleges

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The journey from college freshman to graduate starts long before the high school diploma is received. 

The push to start saving for your children’s education starts early and there is a wealth of information on ways to grow a healthy fund for this important expense. 

The choice of which school to attend starts just as early and there are some families who begin this journey long before their child is at the preschool age.  For other families, carrying on a proud family tradition of attending as a legacy student is the natural choice for their child.  Still, for many people, choosing the best college is a matter of a number of variables.  Money is almost always a consistent factor; but so is meeting admissions requirements and finding the right culture. provides an interactive tool for coming up with a list of schools that match area of study, desired degree, and zip code.  Check out their state by state listing of the most desirable colleges according to the number of applications a school receives compared to the acceptance rate.

Here’s a quick look at the schools they consider the most desirable:

Florida – University of Central Florida
  • Location – Orlando, Florida
  • Number of Applications Received – 31,820
  • Acceptance Rate – 49%
  • Total Undergraduates – 51,010
Michigan – University of Michigan
  • Location – Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Number of Applications Received – 46,813
  • Acceptance Rate – 33%
  • Total Undergraduates – 27,979
Texas – University of Texas
  • Location – Austin, Texas
  • Number of Applications Received – 38,161
  • Acceptance Rate – 40%
  • Total Undergraduates – 39,955