What Home Buyers Really Want

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments

What do buyers want in a house? What type of factors and amenities could be the difference between an offer and a “thanks, we’re just looking?” While it is true that every buyer is looking for something a little bit different, surveys and statistics compiled by the National Association of Home Builders provide a 10,000-foot view of what home buyers are looking for.
For example the survey uncovered some key findings:
  • 55 percent of home buyers would like to buy a new home and 45 percent listed an existing home as their preference
  • The majority of home buyers (57 percent) prefer a single-story home compared to 31 percent who prefer a two-story house
    • 70 percent of those who prefer two-story homes prefer the washer and dryer on the first floor
  • The laundry room is the most indispensible specialty room with 57 percent reporting they would not purchase a home without it but an additional 36 percent still consider a laundry room a desirable feature
  • The three most wanted outdoor features include exterior lighting, a patio and a front porch
  • Home buyers wish list items may be able to differentiate your property
    • Half of those surveyed listed a wireless home security system as a desired feature but only 15 percent currently had one
    • 39 percent said they would want a lighting control system but only 7 percent currently do
It would be wise to take a deeper look into this study, and those like it. Real estate investors should be privy to the trends and statistics that are going on in the industry so they can position themselves correctly in the marketplace. Providing the features and benefits the majority of home buyers are looking for is a great way to get your property noticed and sold.