Real Estate Broker Shares Pros, Cons of Using Drones to Show Property

By Heather Taylor0 Comments

As drones increase in popularity and availability, some real estate professionals and investors are hopping on board with the trend. Video footage from a drone can provide a unique vantage point for a property listing and potentially help to boost sales.

Real estate broker and Equity Trust client Carol R. of Illinois tried it as part of a free demo from a company that offered to help them produce a sample. The drone captured footage of a 5-acre property she had on the market in a rural northern Illinois town. Here’s a look:

Watch drone footage

Carol says it’s an appealing feature and possibly drew more of an audience to her online listing than she’d normally receive. She’s noticed a surge in the popularity of “virtual” home tours, and adds drone footage might contribute to that tactic.

Drones could especially be useful for showing large properties such as farmland and for improving visibility during night-time tours, she adds.

Drone photography might not be an option for all property listings, Carol acknowledges. In more urban areas or neighborhoods where homes are closer together, neighbors’ privacy and property rights can become an issue. “It’s hard to get the drone to show too much without catching some of the neighbors’ property in the video,” she says.

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