Can I Say That on myEQUITY?

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments

Equity Trust encourages clients to take advantage of the myEQUITY online portal and community.  You can manage your account, initiate transaction requests, and connect with other clients to grow your investment knowledge – all in one place.

The community is a place for networking and education only, so we’ve provided a handy guide to help you determine if your post fits within those guidelines. Before you hit “ok” to publish your post, ask yourself: 

  • Does my post offer or promote a specific investment option or opportunity? If so, try again. Such posts are not permitted.
  • Do I seek out specific investments options, deals, or lenders, or provide contact information with the context that it may be used for these purposes? This type of post is also not allowed.
  • Does my post contain an advertisement, solicitation, or links to my website or blog? If so, please remove those things.
  • Did I already post this entry in another place in the community? If so, please do not post it again – even if it’s in a separate place in the community.
  • What if I have questions about my account? Your client service team would be glad to help you with those questions. You can also call 888-382-4727 or email community is strictly for education; making posts about service issues is a violation of community rules.
We look forward to your lively, educational discussions!