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Investor Insights Blog|2020 is Around the Corner! Do You Have Any Last-Minute Account Requests for 2019?

ETC News

2020 is Around the Corner! Do You Have Any Last-Minute Account Requests for 2019?

As the end of the year approaches, you may be thinking about loose ends to tie up, including those with your financial accounts. If you’re planning on requesting a required minimum distribution (RMD) or completing a fair market valuation (FMV), or other account-related activities before the end of 2019, be aware of Equity Trust processing deadlines.

Here are more details, including instructions for conveniently completing these tasks online:

Important Equity Trust Year-End Processing Deadlines

1. To ensure a transaction is processed by year-end, including a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), please submit all required paperwork in good order no later than December 1, 2019.

  • Requests received after December 1 will be subject to an Expedited Process Service Fee
  • Processing by December 31, 2019 is not guaranteed for requests received after December 15, 2019.
  • Distributions can be processed directly online at

(Related: Should You Take a Required Minimum Distribution?)

2. Please provide Equity Trust Company with an updated investment valuation for all non-publicly traded assets held in your account by November 15, 2019.

  • You may obtain a Fair Market Valuation (FMV) form by visiting our forms page.
  • Submit your completed and signed Fair Market Valuation From by logging into, then clicking on Manage > Transaction Launcher.
  • Third quarter statements included a Fair Market Valuation FAQ for more information. Clients who receive electronic statements may access this document and all other documents enclosed with the third quarter statements online.

(Learn more about Fair Market Valuations.)

Reminder: Equity Trust Company will be closed on the following dates:

  • Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • Friday, November 29, 2019
  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019
  • Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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When was the last time you checked if your account contact information is up to date?

1. As you wrap up the details of 2019, take a moment to make sure your credit card information you have on file for your account is up to date.

  • You can add or change this information by logging in to myEQUITY.
  • Having a credit card on file makes your transactions even smoother by having a seamless way to cover any processing fees such as wire transfers, overnight mailing, and cashier’s checks.

2. Having accurate, up to date information for the beneficiaries of your IRA and other personal accounts is a small detail with a huge impact.

  • Remember, the IRA beneficiary information you provided could supersede the directives in your will.
  • You can use myEQUITY to easily check your beneficiary information.

Do your investments have any yearly recurring expenses?

If your account holds assets such as real estate, it can be helpful to plan to have funds available in your account to pay for any annual or potential seasonal expenses such as:

  • Taxes
  • Insurance renewals
  • Routine preventative maintenance
  • Winterizing structures
  • Setting up snow removal
  • Inspecting trees and other landscape preparations
  • Emergency repairs or service calls

Remember: Bill pay requests can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through

Can you get a head start by getting ready for tax time?

Many people expect to receive their tax documents within the first quarter of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the last minute to get ready to file.

  • Do you know where to find your account statements and supporting documents for expenses such as those related to medical needs, relocating, childcare, or business needs?
  • Do you know what to do if any of those items are missing or need correcting?

You can also use this time before the tax busy season to consider finding a qualified professional to help you with your investment and financial goals or increasing your financial savvy for next year.

Do you have an opportunity to contribute the maximum amount to your IRA?

If you’re working and find a holiday bonus or some year-end over time is coming your way, this can be an opportunity to contribute more to your account.

You could also consider opening or contributing to a spousal IRA if your spouse meets all the account eligibility requirements but does not have earned taxable income at this time.

Contact our Account Executives to learn more about a spousal IRA or other retirement plan options for you and your family.

If you need any assistance, contact Equity Trust Company at 888-382-4727.

Thank you for allowing Equity Trust Company to be a part of your financial future. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Am I eligible to make a contribution? How much can I contribute?

The IRS publishes maximum IRA contribution limits and catch up provisions each year. Summaries for each type of contribution can be found on Contribution Limits.


Can I check my account online to see the status of my account?

Yes. Once your account has been opened and you have your own Client Access PIN (personal identification number) you can check the status of your transfer online or feel free to contact Equity Trust. Our intuitive and interactive account management site, myEQUITY, provides a responsive experience for computers, tablets and mobile devices offering around-the-clock account access at home or on-the-go.


What kind of reporting should I expect from Equity Trust on my self-directed IRA?

Equity Trust makes it easy for you to manage your self-directed IRA. You will have around-the-clock secure online access to your account in addition to quarterly statements.

With myEQUITY, account holders can easily filter, sort and export your account’s portfolio positions, cash ledger and transaction history. You can also stay informed of the process of your account activities with real-time transaction notifications and by reviewing each activity’s unique status page.

In addition to quarterly statements, Equity Trust provides 1099 and 5498 tax reporting related to any distributions or contributions made in a given tax year within your account.

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