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Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts: Increase Privacy and Possibly Mitigate Legal Trouble for your Self-Directed IRA Investments

By Guest Blogger1 Comments
A couple of items self-directed real estate investors might not be aware of but could be critical for securing profitable accounts for future generations include: privacy and avoidance of legal issues. Guest author Louis ‘Lou’ Brown, Founder of Certified Affordable Housing Provider, shares ideas for investors on protecting their future wealth.   Read More

IRS Clarifies IRA Rollover Rule

By Brendan Hughes0 Comments
The IRS recently clarified how many IRA rollovers can be performed in a year and what exactly is meant by “a year.” Read on to find out if it will change the way you manage your retirement account. Read More

UBIT: How to Figure Out if You Owe

By Elsie Dudukovich0 Comments
There are certain situations that cause investors to be responsible for an Unrelated Business Income Tax, or UBIT. Find out if it applies to you and what you need to do to square up with the IRS Read More

Why is estate planning so important?

By Brendan Hughes0 Comments
Many Americans assume that if they aren’t rich, and don’t have a lot of assets, they don’t need to establish an estate plan. However, even small estates can run into legal issues when it comes to disbursement of the estate’s assets, especially if there are multiple beneficiaries involved. This is where an estate plan comes into play. Read More