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Why Successful Investors Go Live

By Guest Blogger1 Comments
Can you become successful by limiting yourself to online investing education? Real estate investor and educator Vena Jones-Cox explains why there’s no substitute for in-person events. 
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Investing in the Zone

By Guest Blogger0 Comments
By now most states have published maps of the various census tracts that have been approved as opportunity zones, and if you aren’t involved, you are missing out, says guest blogger Charles Tassell, COO of the National Real Estate Investors Association.   Read More

Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts: Increase Privacy and Possibly Mitigate Legal Trouble for your Self-Directed IRA Investments

By Guest Blogger1 Comments
A couple of items self-directed real estate investors might not be aware of but could be critical for securing profitable accounts for future generations include: privacy and avoidance of legal issues. Guest author Louis ‘Lou’ Brown, Founder of Certified Affordable Housing Provider, shares ideas for investors on protecting their future wealth.   Read More

6 Steps to Wholesaling

By Guest Blogger1 Comments
The “Real Estate Goddess” Vena Jones-Cox presents the second and final part of her series, which provides a 30-second overview on getting started with the real estate investment tactic wholesaling.  Read More