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Don’t Make These IRA Contribution Mistakes

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It’s still possible to make contributions to your self-directed IRA for 2015 – you have until the tax-filing deadline, which is April 18 this year Christine Benz of lists mistakes to avoid if decide to contribute. 
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Avoid these Real Estate Investing Myths

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Have you ever wanted to invest in real estate, but were nervous? columnist, Steven Kaufman calls this one of the “9 Time-Wasting Real-Estate Myths to Avoid.” Read about this and other myths.   Read More

Top Webinars of 2015

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The best of Equity Trust’s webinars in 2015 revealed successful tactics that investors have used to boost their retirement wealth.  Read More

IRS Clarifies IRA Rollover Rule

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The IRS recently clarified how many IRA rollovers can be performed in a year and what exactly is meant by “a year.” Read on to find out if it will change the way you manage your retirement account. Read More

Top 8 Ways to Retire Early

By Brendan Hughes1 Comments
Retired life is an attractive option during the years of returning home every night in the dark after a long day at the office. So what are the top eight ways to help individuals save enough so they can leave the workforce and enjoy their retirement? Read More

Top Retirement Planning Mistakes

By Brendan Hughes1 Comments
When it comes to financial savings, retirement is probably the most universal goal that people strive to accomplish. Establishing a financial plan for later years in life allows individuals and couples to spend time working on hobbies or projects that interest them, rather than having to work for a paycheck to keep food on the table and the electricity turned on in the home. Read More

Why is estate planning so important?

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Many Americans assume that if they aren’t rich, and don’t have a lot of assets, they don’t need to establish an estate plan. However, even small estates can run into legal issues when it comes to disbursement of the estate’s assets, especially if there are multiple beneficiaries involved. This is where an estate plan comes into play. Read More

4 Steps to Successful Note Buying

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Eddie Speed, an expert on note investing who has bought and/or sold nearly 40,000 notes during his three-decade career, has story upon story about students he’s mentored who have reaped big profits from the note-buying business. He shared many of those stories at his half-day workshop on a bonus day at the 2012 Equity University Networking Conference. Read More