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Self-Directed IRA Rules & Regulations

Don’t risk the tax-deferred status of your account

Not following the rules for self-directed IRAs could lead to the disqualification of the IRA and result in severe tax consequences.

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Prohibited Transactions & Investments

Discover what investments your IRA cannot make pursuant to IRS guidelines.

Disqualified Individuals

Your IRA may not buy an investment from or sell an investment to a “disqualified person.”

Learn more about “disqualified persons.”

Indirect Benefits

The purpose of the IRA is to provide for your retirement in the future. It is considered to be an “indirect benefit” if your IRA is engaged in transactions that, in some way, can benefit you personally today.

Learn more about “indirect benefits.”

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Learn how and when your IRA incurs tax because of leveraged investments or business income, and how to deal with the situation.

IRA Withdrawal Rules

To receive funds from your self-directed IRA without penalty, you must reach the age of 59 ½

Traditional IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, and Solo 401(k) account holders must begin taking required minimum distributions (RMD) from their accounts beginning April 1st of the following year after reaching age 70 ½.

Contribution Limits

IRA Plan Contribution Limits, Catch-Up Provisions and Contribution Deadlines

Traditional and Roth IRAs, HSA, CESA, SEP, SIMPLE and Solo 401(k) plans.

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