Due to Covid-19 related USPS mail delays of our client statements, late fees for non-payment of Annual Maintenance Fees will not be assessed until Apr. 30th (extended from Mar. 16th) – Learn More

Delivery of our client statements and payments have been impacted due to COVID-19 related USPS mail delays.

In response, Equity Trust has pushed out the date for assessments of late fees for non-payment of Annual Maintenance Fees from March 16th to April 30th. (Due date for the 2020 AMF invoice was Wednesday, March 3, 2021.)

  • Equity Trust is encouraging clients to use electronic methods for depositing and delivery of payments: Rental/Note Payments can be submitted using our Online Payment Center.
  • Request purchase funds, bill payments, and distributions using Wire or ACH payment methods through myEQUITY Wizards.
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Case Studies

Equity Institutional strives to make IRA investing easy.

Offering IRA investing opportunities as part of capital raise strategies.

Equity Trust makes it easy for investors to open and fund IRA accounts online, using eSignature, right from your website, and you’ll have access to myEQUITY, a sophisticated online account management system to easily view investor accounts from any device. With a streamlined online Account Open wizard, a single point of contact for all your customer service interactions, and varying levels of integration to enhance a seamless customer experience. Find out if offering IRA investing through Equity Trust could potentially help expand your capital raise.

Insitu Biologics

For Insitu Biologics CEO Jim Segermark, providing the ability to invest using an IRA through Equity Trust Company has attracted new investors to his Reg A+ offering that wouldn’t otherwise have been able to participate.

“All of our IRA investors have transferred in; no one has used new money to open their IRA accounts,” he says. “We wouldn’t have gotten those investments if they hadn’t been able to use their IRA money.”

Jim Segermark, Insitu Biologics CEO

Additionally, he points out, the size of the IRA investments has been larger, on average, than cash investments – almost three times larger, in fact. “People tend to have cash in their IRAs that they aren’t actively utilizing, and some decide there’s no better place for it than the high-risk part of their portfolio,” Segermark explained.

Case Study: Insitu Biologics

Read the short case study about Insitu Biologics’ experiences with IRA investing.

Reliant Investments

“About 15-20% of our company’s investment equity comes from individuals utilizing tax-advantaged retirement accounts.”

Kris Benson, Reliant Investments

Like Reliant, many investment firms are aggressively promoting IRAs as a vehicle to invest in their offering. Says Benson, some investors appreciate the chance to diversify their portfolio with non-correlated assets, like real estate.

Reliant Investments

Read the brief Reliant Investments case study.