Discover the Secrets of the 2011 Equity Trust Self-Directed Investor of the Year

By Heather Taylor0 Comments
We came calling last fall, and boy did you answer. After reading many remarkable stories about high-yield, unique investments submitted for our Self-Directed Investor of the Year contest, we somehow managed to narrow it down to one.

We’re excited to introduce Lorraine, a Virginia resident who teamed with her husband, Richard, to use the power of self-directed investing to create a comfortable retirement for themselves and their four adopted special needs children. Lorraine and Richard bought four foreclosed houses in their self-directed IRAs (and one half-funded by a self-directed IRA) and receive returns of at least 21 percent by renting them out.

The couple is elated that their retirement accounts receiving better returns than they were by investing in stocks. But what’s more, Lorraine and Richard say it’s rewarding to be giving the families of these foreclose homes a chance to continue living in the homes. It might be surprising to some (but it’s not to us!) that Richard and Lorraine have no prior experience in real estate or self-directed investing!