When and How to Have IRA Investment Documents Signed

By Elsie Dudukovich0 Comments

When you make a self-directed investment, you’ll sometimes need Equity Trust Company to sign documents on your IRA’s behalf. Here’s what you need to know about the process:

Direction of Signature form
The Direction of Signature form is used when the sole purpose of your request is to have Equity Trust Company sign documents on behalf of an existing asset in your account. 

When to use the Direction of Signature form:
The request is for an existing asset held in your account.


Excluding special handling fees such as notarizing documents or sending signed documents via overnight mail, the request does not require sending funds from your account.

Whose signature is required?
Here are some considerations for what investment documents Equity Trust Company may sign on behalf of your IRA and what documents you must sign on behalf of your IRA.

What Equity Trust Company signs:
Recordable documents are some of the most common items signed by Equity Trust Company on behalf of your IRA.  

What you and Equity Trust Company sign:
Agreements and unsecured notes generally will require your signature first, with Equity Trust Company countersigning the document. 

For example:
  • amendments to authorized purchase agreements
  • warranty deeds
  • satisfaction of mortgage
If you are unsure about which Equity Trust form to use for any request, please contact Client Services at 877-693-8208.