To Equity Trust Founder, a Piece of Land is Much More than Soil and Rocks

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When Equity Trust Founder and Chairman of the Board Dick Desich spoke to hundreds of investors at the Equity University Networking Conference last fall, he challenged the audience to open up their minds. He encouraged the attendees to get creative and begin to think of different ways to structure an investment in their self-directed IRAs. Even if the deal isn’t present today, educating yourself and changing the way you think about investing now will prepare you to act whenever the deal presents itself down the road.
To Desich, land is much more than soil and rocks. In his sessions he ran through a list of creative ways to structure a land deal. He detailed an opportunity with 10 acres of land, but as you will see he doesn’t look at 10 acres like most investors. One scenario would be to sell the front parcel to another investor for a quick return and even if the back portion of the land was deemed “worthless,” you could build a road through that portion. “Now the backend is loaded with all kinds of potential profit and you could sell it for $4,000 to $5,000 a lot within your Roth IRA,” Desich said.
Desich presented the example of one of his former Investment Boot Camp students who optioned a plot of land for $500. He hoped to raise money to send his four children to private schools and college, so he split the investment four ways between their Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. That initial investment turned into $500,000 due to a zoning change on the land, so each child received $125,000 in their education savings accounts tax-free.
Have you ever considered farmland as an investment? Desich discussed how you could lease to farmers in order to take advantage of the land value increasing while generating rental income simultaneously. Client Kurt A. has done just that. He took advantage of available Iowa farmland and now earns steady income by renting it out. Read his story here and find out how he stands to turn this land into a 60-percent profit for his IRA. 
How to Think Like an Investment Mastermind
You can learn the strategies behind these land investments. Dick Desich headlines Equity University’s Mastermind Collection of Self-Directed Investing Strategies with over two hours of audio education in addition to five other sessions. From Equity Trust executives or self-directed millionaires, to the child investors who are already ahead of the game, if you are looking for a way to challenge yourself and learn something new, this collection is the answer.
Desich’s challenge from the Conference still rings true: Are you ready to begin expanding your mind to the vast world of alternative investing strategies?