How Retirees can Earn Passive Income with Real Estate

By Heather Taylor0 Comments
For many of today’s seniors, retirement might not look how they once imagined. Whether or not they reached their savings goal, outside factors such as Social Security uncertainty and inflation bring into question whether they’re really set up for a comfortable retirement.

What’s a concerned retiree to do? Author and entrepreneur Brian Horn writes in The Huffington Post that there is a potentially lucrative opportunity to secure another revenue stream, real estate.

There are different types of real estate strategies for different types of investors, Horn says. Those who can handle putting a little more time and effort into projects could benefit from wholesaling and rehabbing, for example. A more hands-off approach  would be hard-money lending to real estate investors.

One way to fuel your retirement savings growth is to actually use your retirement savings for the investments. Through a self-directed IRA, you can actually use your nest egg to invest in real estate and many alternatives to the stock market.

If you’re just getting started or need some moral support, Horn says local real estate investment clubs are a good place for education and to talk to experienced investors. Equity Trust also has a robust education offering and online clients-only community, myEQUITY, where investors can learn from each other.

Still have questions about self-directed real estate investing? Schedule a one-on-one IRA checkup with one of our Senior Account Executives to discover how you could use your retirement account to create additional income and ensure financial security.