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Be on the Lookout for Hurricane Matthew-Related Scams

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued this Investor Alert to help educate investors, including individuals who may receive lump sum payouts from insurance companies and others as a result of hurricane damage, about investment fraud.    Read More

Are You a Target for Investment Fraud?

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an Investor Alert from their Office of Investor Education and Advocacy identifying five “red flags” to look for when making a decision about an investment opportunity. 
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American Eagle Coins

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
Take a moment to learn about American Eagle coins; an exception to the list of prohibited IRA investment items from IRS Publication 590.    Read More

Top Webinars of 2014

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
Equity University produced valuable educational webinars all year, but here are a few of your favorites. They include the “Real Estate Goddess” Vena Jones-Cox with an amazing story of real estate profits in a Roth IRA, as well as clients discussing the unique ways they’re building wealth in their IRAs.  Read More

Top Blog Posts of 2014

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
Let’s revisit the most educational and inspirational blog posts of the past year. You were most fascinated by a 16-year-old who’s already building her retirement fund with real estate investments, an investor who made $92,000 from a tax-lien sale, essential information for new landlords, and more.  Read More

Top Videos of 2014

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Take another look at the videos that enlightened you this year, including insight from a client who realized he could save thousands of dollars with self-directed investing, an easy-to-understand depiction of how self-directed IRAs work, and more.  Read More

Top Infographics of 2014

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Check out these illustrations of some unique self-directed investments from 2014, a walk-through of the self-directed investing process, and a look at how your fellow investors are saving for retirement.  Read More

Can I Say That on myEQUITY?

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
The myEQUITY online client community is a place for networking and education only, so we’ve provided a handy guide to help you determine if your post fits within those guidelines. Read More

Is your Infant Investing Yet?

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
A financial expert recently commented that children should get involved in their own financial future at a young age. This idea isn’t so far-fetched: It can be legal for a baby to have an IRA, and it’s feasible that once they’re a little older, they can get involved in their own investments.  Read More

You Can Do a Lot with an IRA – But Not That

By Equity Trust Staff2 Comments
Investors enjoy the many benefits (such as potential tax deductions) they can receive by using their Traditional IRAs to invest in alternatives to the stock market, such as real estate or private entities. But even an IRA has its limits, and you should know those limits if you want to avoid taxes and penalties. Read More

How to Protect Yourself from Fraud

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
Investors know that any transaction carries a certain level of risk. While self-directed IRA deals can be lucrative, there’s still a possibility that they might not be exactly what they seem. Read More

Lesser Known “Fiscal Cliff” Outcome: Conversion to Roth 401(k) is Easier

By Equity Trust Staff0 Comments
It’s been hard to turn on the news in the past few weeks without hearing blow-by-blow accounts of the last-minute maneuvering in Washington to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff.” While most of the news has revolved around the preservation of tax cuts and the retaining of funding to other government programs, some might not be aware of the changes to government-sponsored retirement accounts that came out of the deal. One rule shift might interest those looking for more options when it comes to preparing a nest egg. Read More