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Everyday people, just like you, are realizing tremendous success with their Equity Trust self-directed IRA. Discover how others have succeeded when they combined their investment knowledge with Equity Trust’s expertise in self-directed IRAs.

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2018 Self-Directed Investor of the Year Webinar: 41% ROI in just 16 months with first 2 investments

2018 Self-Directed Investor of the Year Webinar

Learn how one self-directed investor in North Carolina was able to earn an average return on investment of approximately 40 percent in just 16 months with their first 2 investments by avoiding five challenges, or success killers, of self-directed real estate investing.

2017 Self-Directed Investor of the Year Webinar: $130,000 Profit Between 5 Accounts on 2 Real Estate Investments

2017 Self-Directed Investor of the Year Webinar

$130,000 Profit Between 5 Accounts on 2 Real Estate Investments… Hear how one real estate investor in Tennessee netted approximately $130,000 on two real estate investments in this webinar from Equity Trust. Brian explains the series of investments that earned him Equity Trust’s 2017 Self-Directed Investor of the Year Award.

This webinar will feature:

  • Case study review of an $8,000 raw land investment that later sold for $60,000
  • How Brian partnered 3 of his children’s Coverdell Education Savings Accounts to build tax-free savings for qualified education expenses
  • Review of the investment process for partnering accounts
  • How re-dividing a lot helped lead to an $80,000 profit between 5 self-directed accounts
  • An overview of 7 tax-advantaged accounts, featuring the CESA

Discover the Tax-Advantaged Wealth-Building Power of Self-Directed IRAs from Case Studies

2017 Self-Directed Investor of the Year Webinar

Creating Tax-Advantaged Dollars: Equity Trust recently hosted our 2018 Wealth Building Summit featuring several active self-directed IRA investors detailing their current successes with a variety of asset types. Don’t worry, if you missed this event, you can hear the best of these stories on this webinar… Equity Trust’s John Bowens highlights Equity Trust clients revealing how they used tax-advantaged retirement accounts to build wealth. If you want to learn how current investors are utilizing their self-directed IRAs, take a few minutes to watch this webinar replay.

This webinar will feature:

  • The concept of creating tax-advantaged dollars
  • Review of tax-advantaged accounts such as Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Health Savings Accounts, and educational savings accounts
  • Highlights of current Equity Trust clients’ recent successes with self-directed IRAs

Hear client stories from our 2018 Wealth Building Summit in this webinar and discover more about the wealth-building power of self-directed IRAs.

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Take another look at the case studies featuring client investments that have inspired have us:

Case studies provided are for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. Information included in the above case study was provided by the investor and included with permission. Equity Trust Company does not independently verify all information provided by third parties.