Small Business Plans

Larger Contributions and Tax-Deductions to Supercharge Building Wealth

Discover how using self-directed small business retirement plans can boost your retirement savings. These plans allow for larger contribution limits and tax-deductions than individual self-directed IRAs, and you could build your nest egg more quickly.

Special Note: Individual investors often can qualify for these plans – ask a financial or tax professional how you can set up one of these plans to supercharge your financial future.


Simplified Employee Plan (SEP)

Enjoy large contributions toward retirement and large tax deductions with a SEP, but without the 401(k) paperwork. This plan is often the best option for sole-proprietors and small businesses with 25 or less employees.

Savings Incentive Match Plan For Employees (SIMPLE)

If the contributions for a Traditional or Roth IRA aren't enough, a SIMPLE might be your best option.

Solo 401(k)

Combining the best of the SEP and SIMPLE, the Solo 401(k) is a qualified plan offering sole proprietors the opportunity to make the largest deductions and contributions towards retirement.

Roth Solo 401(k)

The Roth Solo 401(k) offers the same great benefits of the Solo 401(k), but with the tax benefits of Roth-type contributions. Plus, the plan has no income limits, and everyone is eligible.

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