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Self-Directed IRA Investments Could Reduce Your Taxes for the 2015 Tax Year and Beyond

Browse the various sections of this site to learn more about self-directed IRAs. You'll hear from three successful investors as they share why - and how - they've used self-directed IRAs to build a stronger financial future. You can also discover how the investment process works and the various contribution and deduction limits for this tax season.

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Taxes pose one of the largest obstacles to creating long-lasting wealth with your investment profits.

Imagine selecting an investment that has potential for profitable payoff and NOT having to pay 20 to 30 percent (or more) in taxes on the profits. It’s possible with an IRA.

Self-directed IRAs provide the potential of creating lasting wealth:
  • Investment profits that compound tax-free or tax-deferred
  • Possible large yearly tax deductions
  • Diversification beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Estate planning benefits

It’s not too late to benefit from a self-directed IRA and reduce your 2015 tax bill.

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