Retirement Riches Article Discusses the Success of Using a Self Directed IRA to Start a Business

Jeff Desich, CEO of Equity Trust Company, was featured in a recent INC. magazine article on self directed IRAs. The article detailed how self-directed IRAs can be a major benefit when it comes to starting up your own company. “A $200,000 IRA isn’t uncommon for someone who’s worked in corporate America for 10 or 15 years,” says Jeff Desich. “So entrepreneurs aren’t just stuck talking to the attorneys and doctors at the country club.”

The article also gives several examples of the success many investors have had with a self-directed IRA. One investor used his self-directed IRA to invest in a bank. He bought 13,333 shares for about $100,000. When the company grew he made a 33 percent profit. In addition, he started three other companies, including an Internet marketing firm.

Along with this wealth building investment strategy comes rules and regulations. However, a self-directed IRA custodian like Equity Trust can help you avoid making any mistakes when investing with your self directed IRA.   

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