Equity Trust Company Featured in SmartMoney Magazine

“Double Your Nest Egg,” the featured article in the October issue of SmartMoney Magazine features Equity Trust CEO Jeff Desich discussing self-directed IRAs as an option for investors looking to increase their retirement nest egg.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

…Just about everyone invests his nest egg in vanilla stocks and bonds. But why not put a fleet of limousines, a peer-to-peer loan to a promising scientist or a rental beach cottage in your retirement account? It might sound bizarre, but tens of thousands of Americans are doing something very similar by using what’s called a self-directed IRA. These arrangements allow investors to use their retirement assets to buy almost any item that generates a stream of income, provided the income flows right back into their retirement account. At most, 2 percent of the $5.7 trillion IRA market is in such investments, but some of the bigger custodians of such IRAs saw double-digit percentage growth in the number of accounts in 2007. “As more people get burned by the stock market, this becomes a way for them to take control,” explains Jeff Desich, a vice president of Equity Trust, a company that manages such IRAs. And although official statistics on the success of such investments are not available, Desich claims it’s not uncommon for his investors to see double-digit returns…

You can view the full story at www.smartmoney.com.